Holiday Workshops

Fun! Freedom! Flow!
with Barbara Brewster — Writer’s Coach * Renowned Author * Blue Card
in Inspiring, Laughter-filled
Rambunctious Writing Holiday Workshops for Kids and Adults

Enhance: English,School-ability, Imagination, Individuality, Team Working, Confidence

ADULTS:  Funly, easily, eclipse the inner critic and free your inner splendor!
Profundity in Playfulness!

Participants Comments:
“Sheer, bloody fun!”
“Brilliant, innovative, colourful—let go!”

“The genie is out of the bottle–and it’s not going back!”

Location: Buderim *  Great Prices
All Info: 0417516680  or

Barbara has presented to Holistic, Wellness, Medical, Nursing, Mental Health, Psychological Groups; Schools, RMIT, Universities; Financial, Farm, Corporate Managers; Executive Groups; Festivals, Retreats, AGMs, Conferences, Women’s Gatherings; RSL, Veterans, Government Departments, Community Groups and more.

Also Rambunctious Writing Coaching