A Timely Reminder from the Persian Mystic, Rumi.


I’m sharing this page from Alana Fairchild’s “RUMI ORACLE” because it so eloquently expresses what I feel many of us are learning–the necessity to allow life to live the journey rather than trying to bend it to one’s will. … Last night I pulled COMMITMENT—Hugeconfirmation of my recent choices of stepping back, quieting, resting, allowing, cleansing, suspending all follow-the-contemporary-dots ways of scrambling to achieve opportunities to share myself in the ways I love.


“DESIRE,” says Rumi, “does not have to be a hindrance on the path.  It can show us our passions and help us find our purpose. However, the attachment that can come with desire, the belief that it can be sated only with one particular person, one set of circumstances, can cause us to stop looking at what the light [within us] is revealing to us –the way forward on our path in the here and now—and instead try to forcibly conjure the shadows to become what we imagine they should be.


“When we stop seeing life as it is, showing up for us every moment and engaging with it as it is, we can become careless with the light of the heart. Our huffing and puffing to force what does not need to be forced can cause the heart light to flicker and waver. This can make our way seem uncertain, and doubts can crowd in upon us as the light is compromised in its purpose. We forget to trust in what is because we get caught up in attachment and fear surrounding our desires. Rather than letting life move us, we try to move life.


“There is a way forward on your life path that needs to be seen by you now. It will be helpful for you to have that clarity and that certainty. You might have already caught a glimpse of it but be doubting your vision or yourself. This oracles comes as a reminder to you—don’t doubt! What you are feeling, deep within the passionate love of your heart light, is true. It is real. You are being led into it by the progress of life itself. You must trust in this, even if it seems at times as though you are being led away from the vision.


“Life operates according to a genius that is beyond a linear approach. It is to be trusted rather than understood. There is enough challenge in the personal transformation being asked of you to simply take the steps. That is more than enough! You do not have to also create or control the terrain, nor determine the map for the journey. You simple need to take each step that presents itself to you in each moment.


“Don’t let fear that your desire won’t manifest cause you to try to bend life to your will. It is an unnecessary battle, and one that will not serve your soul here. Instead, just show up; be present. Attend to what is before you in each moment, and trust yourself. Let the light of your heart take you into serenity that will bring you the balm of a solid core of comfort, even while the world shifts and changes according to the workings of divine will.


“As you move along your life journey, step by step, that divine will is moving you too, shining one, into fulfilment of your destiny. Life is not working at cross purposes with you—far from it! It is a co-conspirator with your heart. Come back to the stillness of the love within and know your heart light to be what it is–reliable and true—showing you the way even now, in peace and stillness.”