This is a reflection on the masculine/feminine balance in men AND women

So off we creep with a crash and carry, nimble-footed plan,
not exactly finding the willing, perfect man
who can join the women wanting wishful, wise results,
the males are too much sinking in their Levis and Renaults.

But yes, the day is dawning of a different kind of breed,
of a man who simply offers up his honesty and need
to be alive in mindfulness, to live as if he can
know he’s part of something more–a bigger, richer plan.

He sprints along the rosy road reaping spirit talk,
giving up the froth and beer and studly stiff-legged walk
and all the ugly posturings that keep the mask in place
while sending sons to certain death and women to disgrace. ­­­­­­­

Maybe he’ll surprise himself, sending rhymes up to the moon,
Twisting tantalizing tales of how once upon a noon,
he found himself in splendor at the tears within his soul,
Noticing his softness, knowing that he’s whole.

A creature of great caring, who gives as well as gets,
A discoverer of heartfulness, a leader-man who sets
his course by wisdom’s star and sails on unknown seas,
Who slips beyond his comfort zone asking only that he please

The lover of his life being present as a friend,
Not a greedy, cowering stud whose prescribed high command
is to the upstart lessons of masculinity,
And to so much that went awry down through history.

But now the tide churns up a change,
He open-heartedly does range upon a newly-seen horizon,
Planting seeds that are arisen’ from love and vulnerability. 

Seek for this man, you men of Now, he hides within your hearts,
No wonder you embroiled yourselves with countless, past false starts,
Throw off the curbed, contained degrees of all you once held dear,
Sport yourselves upon the seas of a different tide this year,

Find out about the glory of the home within your heart,
Of work that gives you self-respect, of women who won’t part
from all they know of how to be in Truth and Love with you,
Embrace it all, cast your soul upon the dawning New
of all the possibilities–for humanity and you.

© Barbara Brewster, 2001
(Presented Sept 29 @ Kenilworth Poets Breakfast& @ Lift Gallery Sept 30)