Meet Barbara

Barbara’s pursuit of joy and her various spontaneity workshops and retreats emerged from her decision to stop being a serious cookie! Seeking to crack the shell on her silliness Barbara entered comedy classes and was, with her classmates, gobsmacked at their creativity and wittiness.

Where did it come from? By using simple structures to give the left brain a holiday and practicing the comedy principles – saying YES to, instead of blocking, the offer of the moment – unexpected, unplanned, unknown, extraordinary, imaginative words and ideas burst forth. Barbara’s writing, teaching and life changed.

For over 25 years her passion has been helping others practice “The Power of Now” through Rambunctious Writing and other avenues – all the while laughing a lot! Come join me.

Workshops & Events

When Barbara decided to stop being a serious cookie and explore silliness, she undertook comedy classes, and some spontaneous, inspiring workshops and retreats emerged!  Rambunctious Writing and Silly Songs are just a couple a couple of examples of how Barbara can work with you and your group to entice your inner, child out to play and have unapologetic un-self-conscious fun!  Discover what’s possible!

Home Schooling / Learning Inspiration

Home schooling, or classroom, primary or secondary.  Barbara’s fluid and unconventional method of bringing fun and spontaneity to activities, provides some valuable resources for learning environments that inspire students young and old to explore their natural ability and creativity and surprise themselves with the results!

Speaking & Presentations

An internationally recognised author and sought-after speaker, Barbara encourages people to look afresh at their challenges, to reconceive their options, and say YES! to embracing, instead of resisting life’s offers. Being in her audience is an immersive experience. Barbara’s long list of Associations, Foundations, Conferences, Schools, Universities, Societies and more that have booked her for speaking engagements is both long and varied. 

Books & Blogs

This spirited 70-plus year-old’s inspirational books, blogs, poems and songs embody a wealth of adventures with challenge, change and comedy. In her book, “Love or Growth; Why Not Both? – A Woman’s Dilemma”, Barbara “eloquently presents a powerful motivator and inspirational tool for women who stand on the edge of major change … the reader is challenged to explore uncompromising deep connection to Spirit and intuition.